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What makes Apple’s iPhone 8 a worthy competitor to the Samsung Galaxy S8?

What does Apple's iPhone 8 need to 'bring down' the Samsung Galaxy S8?

In the realm of smartphones, Apple has long been considered a pioneer, boasting technology that was years ahead of its competitors. However, recent advancements from Samsung have caused some to question whether Apple’s innovation has begun to stagnate. Despite this, Apple still remains the market leader. In order to reclaim its title as the true industry trailblazer, Apple is quietly developing a 10th anniversary iPhone model that is rumored to rival the highly acclaimed Samsung Galaxy S8.

Embracing the borderless display trend

One of the defining features of high-end smartphones in 2017 is the ultra-thin screen border, also known as the bezel. The Samsung Galaxy S8’s screen occupies a remarkable 83% of the front area, setting a new standard for immersive visual experiences. This presents an opportunity for Apple to enhance its upcoming iPhone 8 by adopting curved OLED technology and substantially increasing the screen-to-body ratio.

Revolutionizing fingerprint recognition

As Samsung transitioned to the infinity display, the fingerprint sensor was relocated to the rear of the device. While this design choice makes sense given the absence of a physical home button, it also adds bulk to the rear cover. Apple, on the other hand, holds a patent for an innovative image-based ultrasonic recognition technology. This advancement enables the device to read fingerprints directly from the screen when pressed, eliminating the need for a physical sensor button.

Elevating the camera and enhancing virtual reality capabilities

In addition to fingerprint recognition, alternative unlocking methods such as iris and facial recognition have emerged. However, Samsung itself acknowledges that these solutions may not provide adequate security. Apple can rise above by integrating AI artificial intelligence, allowing the camera to not only recognize faces but also analyze the surrounding environment for more accurate authentication. The company is also actively exploring augmented reality (AR) solutions, aiming to grant users the ability to modify focus points and image depth after capturing a photo. Furthermore, Apple is developing a feature that allows the isolation and full rotation of specific objects within images.

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iPhone 8

Prioritizing battery longevity

When smartphones possess similar features and aesthetics, the battery life becomes a prominent factor in attracting users. Historically, iPhones have not excelled in terms of battery capacity. However, this year, Apple may have an advantage over Samsung, as the Korean company has taken a conservative approach following the Note 7 incident. Despite the larger screen of the Galaxy S8, which consumes more power, Samsung did not increase the battery size compared to the S7. This presents an opportunity for Apple to prioritize battery longevity and appeal to consumers who value extended usage time.

Battery duration

In conclusion, Apple’s iPhone 8 has the potential to reassert itself as an industry frontrunner by incorporating cutting-edge features that rival the Samsung Galaxy S8. With advancements in display technology, fingerprint recognition, camera capabilities, and an emphasis on battery longevity, Apple aims to create a smartphone that not only captivates users but also solidifies its position at the forefront of innovation.

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