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Is Mr Jump the New Generation of “Flappy Bird”?

[Review] Mr Jump – New generation of “Flappy Bird”?

Last year, the mobile gaming community was taken by storm with the phenomenon of Flappy Bird. This addictive game had players hooked, competing tirelessly to beat their friends’ scores. The App Store was inundated with Flappy Bird clones for months until its creator decided to remove it from the platform. Flappy Bird required no skill, but it did awaken players’ aggressive instincts and resilience in the face of failure. Now, the question arises: Is Mr Jump the new generation of Flappy Bird?

Mr Jump: Distilling the Essence of the Auto Racing Game Genre

There is speculation regarding whether Mr Jump was born under the influence of Flappy Bird or not. While Flappy Bird started the trend, it cannot be considered the ancestor of this game genre. The auto racing genre, known for its difficulty, has existed for a long time. In many auto racing games, players must control their characters to jump or fly, navigate obstacles, and keep up with the pace. Mr Jump draws inspiration from classics like Super Mario Bros, Speed Runs, and Wonder Boy. Although Flappy Bird may have partly inspired this game, Mr Jump undoubtedly captures the essence of the auto racing game genre.

Mr Jump - New generation of Flappy Bird

With only 12 levels, Mr Jump appears deceptively simple at first glance. The protagonist, aptly named Jump, primarily jumps throughout the game. However, it is far from being an easy game. The character control in Mr Jump differs slightly from Flappy Bird but is closer to Zombie Tsunami. Players tap the screen to help Mr Jump jump, holding longer for higher jumps.

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Mr Jump - Simple yet challenging gameplay

The initial jumps might be straightforward, but as players progress, they must calculate the timing and duration of their taps. A small mistake can cost the Jump character their life. Unlike Zombie Tsunami, there are no hordes of zombies to increase the chances of survival. While the first stage poses a significant challenge, players can eventually overcome it.

Mr Jump - Increasing difficulty with each level

In the subsequent stages, players encounter objects that can assist Mr Jump with mid-air jumps. These additions make the game increasingly difficult. Players must decide when to perform long and high jumps, when to opt for short jumps, and when to execute a second jump in the air. However, players should note that they need to aim for performance rather than distance to earn rewards.

Mr Jump - Challenging levels and rewarding gameplay

As players progress through the levels, the challenges become even more formidable, testing their skills and determination. Nevertheless, nothing is impossible for those with a persistent spirit to practice and improve. Furthermore, for those who are eager to explore higher levels without playing through the previous ones, Mr Jump offers the option to unlock levels by making a $0.99 payment per level. Breaking level 1 grants free access to level 2, albeit with occasional ads. The game also boasts background music and simple yet attractive graphics.

If you enjoy brain-teasing games like Mr Jump, you can already experience the excitement on the iOS platform. Download the game for free here.

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