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Bphone: A Unique Device that Stands the Test of Time

Bphone is two years old but the price is still the same compared to 2 years ago

Technology changes at lightning speed, rendering today’s cutting-edge devices obsolete within a short span of time. However, there is one smartphone that defies this trend and maintains its original price even after two years – the Bphone by Dow International LLC. Let’s take a closer look at this exceptional device and explore why it has managed to hold its ground in an ever-evolving market.

A Bold Challenger in the High-End Segment

When it was first launched in 2015, the Bphone made heads turn by taking on industry giants such as Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung’s Galaxy S6 edge. BKAV, the creators of Bphone, proudly dubbed it as “the world’s leading super product.” This audacious move positioned Bphone as a direct competitor to the flagship smartphones of that time and set the stage for its remarkable journey.

Bphone compared to iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy S6

Unfaltering Price Stability

What truly sets the Bphone apart is its unwavering price. Even after two years, BKAV continues to sell the Bphone at the same price it was initially launched. The 16GB version is available for 10.98 million VND, the 64GB version for 13.95 million VND, and the opulent 128GB version, plated with 24-carat gold, for 22.2 million VND. While BKAV did offer discounts in the past, these were limited-time offers exclusive to old users of their BKAV Pro antivirus software. The lowest price the Bphone ever reached was 3.89 million VND during a New Year promotion in 2016. However, the price quickly reverted back to its original value of 10.89 million VND.

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Bphone price remains unchanged after 2 years

Comparatively, the iPhone 6 Plus, a device from the same era, is almost unheard of in the market today. Its price falls far behind the current 10.98 million VND at which the Bphone is priced. Thus, it is safe to say that the Bphone is a device that has maintained an impressive price stability over the years.

Depreciation in the Second-Hand Market

While the Bphone showcases stability in terms of pricing, its value in the second-hand market paints a different picture. The 16GB Bphone model can now be found for a mere 2-3 million VND, depending on the condition of the device. The 64GB version sells for around 3-4 million VND. As for the opulent 128GB gold-plated version, it is a rare find due to its limited ownership.

Old Bphone priced slightly above 2 million VND

This reveals that, from another perspective, the Bphone experiences significant depreciation. The device’s poor quality, slow performance, quick battery drain, inferior camera, and lack of software updates contribute to its depreciating value. While it still runs on the outdated Android Lollipop, the updates it receives are primarily bug fixes. Despite these shortcomings, Bphone remains a unique collectible for many as it is one of the rare smartphones developed and produced by the Vietnamese themselves.

The Elusive Bphone 2

Amidst speculation about the release of the second generation Bphone, Dow International LLC has not made any official statements. On their official fan page, BKAV hints at the highly anticipated Bphone 2, mentioning that it is “expected to be released in the near future.” However, two years have passed, and the device has yet to make its debut.

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BKAV's response to Bphone 2 inquiries

As loyal fans and tech enthusiasts eagerly await news of the Bphone 2, the original Bphone continues to captivate with its unwavering price stability and unique position in the market.

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